The best beaches & islands in Myanmar


Spreading over a coastline of 2000 km, aside from its impressive temples and pagodas, in the hidden side, Myanmar is also a tranquil tropical paradise that has to be seen to be believed with a precious collection of unbelievably beautiful beaches, many of which stay untouched and little-visited even today. They not only offer serene looks and cool breezes but also activities you can entertain yourself with during the adventure. Let’s take a look at the finest beaches in Myanmar and choose one of our best Myanmar Tours of Asia Tours collection!

1. Ngapali Beach, Rakhine state

Ngapali Beach is always placed on top of the list as the most popular and well-developed one which is just 50-min flying from Yangon.

The beach stretches about 3 km with creamy white sand fringed by coconut palms offering the great place for sunbathing, strolling or sporting. It is not only famous for well-preserved natural landscapes, cobalt blue sea but also transparent water with rich marine life underneath that serves well for recreational activities like kayaking, snorkelling, and scuba diving around the nearby sea. If you like to have some pieces of local life, take a bicycle tour to visit the nearby fishing villages, meet local fishermen drying fish & shrimps, try fresh beer and seafood in a local restaurant at lunch, keep moving to where the road ends and finish your day with beautiful sunset views.

2. Ngwe Saung Beach, Ayeyarwady Division

South of Ngapali and closer to Yangon, Ngwe Saung is another one of the loveliest and most pleasant beaches in Myanmar with a long stretch of golden sand, back by swaying palms and dotted with simple mid-range beach resorts. As the beach is right in front of the Bay of Bengal, it is nicely granted with clear blue waters, white-crested waves and unspoiled and pollution-free natural surroundings. Though there are fewer beach activities and games available to compare with the developed Ngapali, you can try a variety of fantastic seafood dishes here at cheap prices, including crab, shrimp, lobster, and various types of fish; hire a bicycle and take a ride to the town villages or just sit back and contemplate picturesque beach views in the peaceful ambience. The beach is not only a favourite destination for domestic but also an increasing number of international visitors, especially when it is reachable from Yangon by car within just 5 hours.

3. Kanthaya Beach, Rakhine State

Not too far away from the better-known Ngapali beach, about 100 km (60 miles) to the south, Kanthaya Beach is highly rated as a perfect hideaway for all who are looking for an absolutely secluded area of peace and calm. As Kanthaya does not have any beachside sports, restaurants or shops, there will be only pristine nature that surrounds you.

With all ultimate privacy it offers, you will completely immerse yourself into the serene and pure beach, walk down the golden and a little gritty sand, touch and feel cool tranquil water blew in balmy breezes and find yourself soon disconnect from the worries of the world.

As Kanthaya is unspoiled, there are accordingly a few hotel options for you to book in advance, but basement-budget guest houses are easily found upon your arrival. Especially, as local villagers are more than welcome to show you the way or lend you stuff, it is always safe and easy to get around the town. The place is no way fitting luxury travellers but provides such a brilliant time to get off the stressful world and flow with nature.

The most convenient way to get to Kanthaya beach is by car from Yangon within 5-6 hours.

4. Pa Nyit Beach, Dawei 

As you go further southward of the coastline, there are more and more remotely unspoiled beaches showing up on your way. Pa Nyit Beach is located nearby Dawei city (a sleepy port town of roughly 1-hour flying from Yangon). We could reach this beach by taking a car or motorbike in around 30 minutes. The ride is pretty rough and bumpy sometimes, but the beach itself is worth the effort which owns complete seclusion and the fact that not many people know its existence and how to reach it. You can enjoy yourself on this long beach with a beautiful pagoda at the end. If you are a professional swimmer, you might love to take a quick dip in the crystal clear water here. A day trip to Pa Nyit Beach is really a should when you are in Dawei.

5. Po Po Kyauk Beach, Dawei

Po Po Kyauk Beach (commonly known as the Grandfather beach) is another deserted but stunning beach to visit during your Dawei gateway.

This beach is mostly empty with a blissful elongated curve of golden white sands joined by hills clad with the tropical forest that serves as a great place for sunrise as well as the sunset. The idyllic view could obsess anyone who loves photography while swimmers utter comfort within the crystal-clear water.

There are good budget accommodations in Dawei near the beach for your stay that utter comfort and great services!

If you’re looking a combination of an authentic experience with seaside relaxation, then this is the place for you.

6. Sa Sa Aw (Paradise Beach), Dawei

San Sa Aw (or Paradise Beach) is considered the most remote beach in Dawei peninsula that only adventurous travellers could enter. Backed by the thick jungle, this unspoiled beach can only be reached via a narrow trail through the jungle, either by foot or motorbike from the furthest point your car can go. Yet that makes it truly secret heaven with hermit crabs hidden in colourful shells across the glittering sand and palm trees behind offer cool shade. This splendid sandy beach curves around a natural bay that is fine for taking dips in the clear water. In the afternoon, visitors can lounge in a hammock underneath palm trees and wait for crimson sunset pouring down.

For overnight trippers, there’s a sole guesthouse named Myanmar Paradise Beach Bungalows offering dozens of bungalows to relax and a few restaurants in the nearby villages to eat out.

7. Tafook (Dunkin) Island, Mergui Archipelago

Last but not least, a standout in an already impressive collection of excellent beaches is Dunkin Island – an ultimate highlight of a Mergui Archipelago (the southernmost part of Myanmar with an amazing number of strikingly top-notch beaches stretching for kilometres). If you are fond of discovering new waters and exotic marine life of mystical creatures, go kayaking, snorkel in the shallows and have a picnic lunch on the beach, Dunkin Island is really worth a go with the best privacy offered.

A trip to the Mergui Archipelago & Dunkin Island can be made through Kawthaung by plane (once a week) from Yangon as the easiest way or liveaboards from Phuket in Thailand are also available that will stopover at Kawthaung to process your visa. Finally, you will use a ferry or speedboat to reach any islands on the archipelago. Make sure to check out our best Myanmar Private Beach Holidays to find a perfect itinerary to discover this amazing country.

There is no accommodation or food available on the islands so you’d better stay in Kawthaung and take day trips to anywhere.

Useful extra notes: 

When to go:

The most important thing to remember about the Myanmar beach scene is that resorts close down during the monsoon season, from May to September. To experience the beaches and islands at their best, the dry season from October to April is the most ideal time to visit Myanmar’s shores while the weather supports you the most with lots of sunshine and least rainfall.

Where to stay:

International standard accommodations from basic-budget to high-end are available at Ngapali Beach & Ngwe Saung beaches. However, the further south you go, the fewer accommodation choices you have as most of the wilderness beaches are still unknown for general tourists, guesthouses or small hostels are easier to find, instead. Sometimes, there’s no cell service, Wi-Fi or electricity, just solar-powered charging stations and a satellite phone in case of emergency.

What to wear:

As to respect Myanmar customs, do not wear exposing swimming costumes at the beaches. Even your diving and snorkelling suits please make sure they should cover your body properly.

Have a nice trip!